About us:

wordAtelier is a forward thinking, high quality copywriting and content marketing agency based in the North East of England. We connect your business with profitable audiences through dynamic and creative content and offer a range of quality digital writing and marketing services to business of all sizes throughout the UK and abroad.

Established in 2010 by Kaye Murray (and formerly known as Remote Resources), wordAtelier has gone from strength to strength, delivering tangible returns through its unique and targeted written products. From a sole writer offering a range of online services, wordAtelier now works with a range of exceptional professional copywriters in order to meet growing demand. Our reputation is built on quality, reliability and measurable success and our goal is to bring those qualities to a wider range of business in the future.

About Kaye Murray

Kaye is a graduate of the University of Hull where she studied Business & Modern Languages. Following a brief stint of living and working abroad, Kaye returned to the North East of England to begin her career with one of the largest Blue Chip construction companies in the world. Starting out as a Technical Assistant, Kaye quickly rose to senior management level and has since used her skills in a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing and the public sector.

Kaye says: “Working across a broad range of industries at various levels made me appreciate how much I could actually achieve if I went it alone. I was raised in an entrepreneurial family and I always knew that creating my own business was my ultimate goal. As an avid reader and writer from an early age, my natural progression was as a commercial copywriter. I love the subjects of business, marketing and finance and I love language and literature. Combining these two great passions has resulted in my dream career and brought someone who loves what they do and is good at it to the world of online marketing.”