As someone who communicates effectively for a living, you would think the flow of conversation and communication in my own household would be as smooth as silk. But that is simply not so. I do what I do because I am creative, fast thinking and always on the go in my head (not so much body). Unfortunately, that translates negatively when it comes to communicating effectively with people I know well, like my poor, put upon husband.

I often start thinking about something great in my head. I can even extrapolate it internally a couple of levels before it only vaguely represents the initial idea. Then I start discussing it and my poor family have no idea what I am talking about. Or worse, I was talking about something five minutes ago and the conversation ends. I am still developing the idea in my head and pick up the conversation again, having moved forward somewhat since the last openly uttered sentence.

My family are learning to maintain a psychic string with my whirring brain and I am learning to give them a break (and a clue as to what I am talking about).

When brands do this, it is a disaster on a big scale. The reader has no such psychic connection, no historical connection and no framework with which to engage with your conversation. Not only will you struggle to engage appropriately with your audience if you don’t present the full picture in your written and visual communications, you could actually succeed in alienating the very people you want to connect with.

The message is clear, then. When creating content as part of your content marketing strategy, always ensure that every piece has a clear purpose, a clear objective and is written (or created) in a clear, structured way that leaves no room for ambiguity or confusion. Your audience won’t want to work hard to understand you when there are hundreds of other content creators who communicate effectively and offer content they can easily relate to.

I, on the other hand, will continue to work on that intrafamilial psychic connection. Then maybe the household chores will get done without my even having to open my mouth and I can concentrate on creating fantastic content for my brilliant clients.