Demand for high quality content today is higher than it has ever been, yet cutting through the noise and getting noticed is increasingly difficult.

Here at wordAtelier, we understand that high quality, optimised content is one of the most effective ways to engage with your customers and attract new ones  online. We work with you to create a content marketing campaign that reaches right out to your target audience, builds brand awareness and helps you to outshine your competitors.

Why Invest in Content Marketing?

If you don’t invest in content marketing this year, then you aren’t playing in the big league. For 2016, budgets on content marketing are at bursting point. 66% of marketers surveyed by the Content Marketing Institute’s annual state of affairs report said they expect to increase the amount of money spent on content marketing as a proportion of their overall marketing budget. That means everyone is buying into it because it is proven to be effective in attracting, engaging and nurturing quality leads that are more easily converted to customers.

Some major advantages in making content marketing a core part of your marketing activities:

  • Increased visibility: With ever more innovative and creative ways to be seen and be heard, content marketing is the ultimate way to create a dialogue with your prospects.
  • Brand awareness: In tandem with increased visibility is the benefit of increased brand awareness. Your voice is your brand in content marketing and you can make it count with high quality content and a solid strategy.
  • Increased traffic to your site: Your content will draw prospects to the source: your site. Through a combination of fantastic SEO and brilliant copywriting, your content will grab attention across the web and bring it directly to your sales patch.
  • Respect: A company that takes time to inform and educate its customers is a company that garners respect. Great quality content presents your business as an authority within your industry and customers prefer to engage with businesses that are transparent, open and willing to impart information.
  • Increased sales: The bottom of the list but the top of the pile. Ultimately, great content and a solid content marketing strategy will result in increased sales.

What content marketing services do we offer?

We work with you to identify the kind of content that will work the best for your business. The usual formats include blogging, article creation, eBook production and other types of written content. Other content formats include video production, presentations and infographics. We can help you to create all of those types of written content and help you source the best of the rest through our network.

See our services dropdown for an in-depth look at our most popular content ‘products’.

We can also help with the distribution of your content via clearly defined channels. These are specific to your business and are offered as part of a comprehensive content marketing package. Ad-hoc and one-off pieces of content are also available.

How do I get started?

Whether you are new to content marketing or a seasoned marketing professional looking for content creation, please get in touch to find out how we can help. We offer a personal touch rather than a faceless agency approach and we are on hand to discuss your project at the touch of a button.

You can get in touch in a whole host of ways. You can email us at, you can use our quick enquiry form and we’ll get straight back to you or alternatively, you can give us a call on 0191 340 49**. (Please email for contact number if you wish to speak to us).