wordAtelier offer an excellent value, high quality and professional blog writing service to businesses, marketers and agencies. We offer our services on a flexible basis, so you can choose from a one-off guest post to a weekly service and everything in-between. Outsourcing your blog is ideal for anyone who wishes to reap the benefits of a top-notch blog section on their website, without the stress and time consuming burden of maintaining it.

Why do I need a business blog?

Not all businesses need a business blog, but most can reap great benefits from having one. Businesses in a range of sectors, like marketing, finance, current affairs, fashion and any other business with fast moving trends, should really aim to maintain a regular blog or news section on their site. This shows they are both abreast of the latest ideas in their sector and that they are an authority in their field.

Most businesses do use the business blog as a demonstration of authority. It helps to build trust and rapport with potential customers and can even net you  new clients.  How often have you stumbled upon a great blog via a search engine because a post there has answered your burning question.

Some businesses rely on their blog as a way of demonstrating their talents to potential clients. If you were thinking of hiring us to write your blog you would probably want to see our blog to get an idea of our style, skills and talent.

Perhaps most importantly of all to some businesses, a blog is a fantastic way to keep adding fresh new quality content to your site on a regular basis. This is what search engines really value as it shows them your site is not stale and forgotten, and that you are adding value to the internet user experience. All of this helps to boost your search engine rankings to the highest possible position.

Why should I use blog writing services?

Unless your business is in blogging, then creating and maintaining an interesting and fresh blog is an extra administration task that you just don’t need. Whilst you spend valuable time seeking inspiration for an interesting topic to write about, you aren’t doing the things that you are good at that grow your business.

Not everyone is a natural writer and even those that enjoy it don’t always have the time or inclination. Outsourcing your blog writing to wordAtelier makes perfect business sense because it allows you to focus on running your business. That means you can have a lively, fresh and professionally written blog and a thriving business at the same time.

What are the benefits of blog writing services?

We can’t speak for all blog writing services but our service can:

–          Raise your website profile

–          Raise your search engine rank

–          Help to develop your brand by giving it a ‘voice’

–          Increase sales by way of click-throughs from blog post landing pages

–          Demonstrate your authority in your industry and set you apart from your competitors

–          Save you time, money and stress by taking away from you what can be an unpleasant job and making it a success factor in your business.

Why you should outsource your blog writing to wordAtelier

We are in the business of blogging and what’s more, we are very good at it. We have been writing corporate blogs since 2010 and have a raft of happy clients. We have experience across a wide range of sectors and can accommodate most topics. Our blog writing services are great value for money because each post continues to bring you traffic months and years after your initial purchase.

We also offer great value, fully customisable blog packages. That means you can spread the cost of maintaining your blog and you get a hefty discount for buying in bulk to boot!


Many business owners stumble on blindly producing content for their website because they worry about the cost of outsourcing their blog. wordAtelier offer blog writing services at very competitive prices, so whilst you do not have to worry about paying agency level fees every week, you will benefit from agency quality blog posts. Our prices vary by blog length and type so fill in our quick contact form here for a quote or return contact.

What do blog writing services involve?

You can give us a subject or, more commonly, you leave us to choose a relevant subject. We then conduct a large amount of research in a short time and create your blog post. We can send you the post by email or we can upload it straight to your server if you prefer.

After posting your blog we would then advertise it on our social networks (Google +, Facebook and Twitter) if you choose. There are other social syndication options available on request.

We are very flexible in how we work. The important thing to us is that our blog writing services meet your business needs. You can be very involved in the process or leave it all to us to manage. Whatever your preference, we are confident you will be 100% satisfied with the end product.

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