wordAtelier offer a high quality, word perfect eBook writing service to businesses, marketers and budding authors. We can take your project from initial concept to on-the-shelf product in as little as seven days* and offer a great variety of options from which you can pick and choose to suit your project and your budget.

Why outsource your eBook to wordAtelier?

Different clients have different reasons for outsourcing their eBook writing to us. Many of our clients are running profitable businesses and don’t have time to write their own marketing materials so outsource elements to experienced eBook writers who can do it faster and better. Some clients highly value the skills and expertise of a professional writer and yet others simply don’t know where to start.  Some have had a great idea or have spotted a gap in the market and just don’t have the technical skills to take advantage of it.

Many eBook authors outsource to wordAtelier because they know we supply a superior product with the minimum of fuss and at a great price. We work flexibly too, so whether you want us to join right at the beginning of your eBook journey or just need us to present what you already have in a better way, we can help.

We offer a structured approach, work in a variety of niches, ‘write tight’ and follow strict eBook convention where appropriate. Since we have experience in writing professionally across a wide range of mediums, you can be confident that we have the experience and aptitude to make your eBook a real success.

For more information on our eBook writing service options, just contact us through our quick contact form here.

What kind of eBooks do you write?

We write eBooks on a wide variety of subjects, from highbrow business and finance to rapid weight loss! The eBooks we write tend to either be sold as information products, sold as fiction/non-fiction reading materials or distributed free as part of a wider marketing plan. If you aren’t sure if we can cover it, just send us an email here and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Is this the same as eBook ghost-writing?

Yes –outsourcing your eBook to us to write for you can be the same as using a ghost-writer.

Who has the rights to ghost-written eBooks?

You have full rights over your eBook once we’ve received payment in full. That means you have purchased the book from us and full ownership rights pass to you. We will never sell or distribute your book once you have purchased it and we don’t even mention you in our ‘who we’ve worked with’ section. As far as anyone is concerned, you are the author of the book.

Does the eBook price include research?

The project cost is based on your requirements, so if you wish us to carry out the whole project from start to finish, the price will include research. If you have extensive research available from your own sources then this will be factored into your quote. We prefer to work this way because then we can be certain that the quality is as high as we would like. If you wish us to undertake the writing and formatting (or writing only), then this will carry a lower cost as long as you provide us with everything you need us to include in the book.

Do you also supply the artwork or just the writing?

We only supply the writing . Sadly we just aren’t all that great with graphic design and our forte is most certainly in words! We do have some great design partners, however, so we can recommend someone if you need it.

Get in touch today to find out more about our top quality eBook writing service. Just email us here through our quick contact form and we’ll be in touch.


*project length dependent upon size and complexity of project and availability.