Publishing original thought leadership content is a powerful and proven way to differentiate your business in a busy market. It allows you to prove yourself as an industry authority and reap the benefits that all great quality content brings in terms of increased traffic, increased sales and a bigger market share.

wordAtelier can help you develop authentic, show-stopping thought leadership content that will help you drive your business to the top of your industry. We work with you closely to define the right ideas and then we present them in the most appropriate way for your audience.

How is thought leadership content different from blog and article writing?

Thought leadership goes well beyond the scope of standard content marketing. On the whole, most published content is rarely fundamentally new. It consists of pre-existing ideas and axioms that are repackaged to appeal to a targeted reader. Thought leadership, on the other hand, is sometimes radical but always new. It can be a previously unexplored idea or realisation. It is plucked directly from the cosmic consciousness, not the library or Google. At some point, the repackaged stuff was new. Trace it back to its original creator and you will probably find a very successful business.

Thought leadership content is the stuff of trailblazers – it sets you apart from your competition, it gets you syndicated right across social media and before long, you will see your grand ideas replicated million-fold across the internet. But you will be the creator and you will reap the benefits.

What kind of formats do you produce thought leadership content in?

Thought leadership content is often in-depth in nature, so may come as a white paper, in-depth guide or article, an eBook perhaps or even a 400-word blog post. It takes many forms because it is not a vehicle in itself, the key characteristic being that it is completely new. Thought leadership happens every day in universities and comes in the form of PhD dissertations, thesis or peer reviewed research papers. Those mediums are likely to be overkill in content marketing, but the principle is the same – new thinking and new ideas that are of value to your target audience.

Why use wordAtelier as your thought leadership writer?

Using a third party to create thought leadership content sounds like it wouldn’t really work. How can a ‘writer’ produce the kind of content that is going to hold its own in a niche corner of industry?

In general, we agree. But here at wordAtelier, we are writers with both a commercial and academic background. Thought leadership and corporate writing are our forte. It is both what we do best and what we enjoy most of all about producing content.

In order to ensure that we closely align our writing with both your business and your target audience, we immerse ourselves in your business. We become, temporarily, a part of your business and get to know it inside out. This works really well with businesses with whom we build a long-term relationship because we do actually become a part of those businesses literally. But it works equally well with new clients too.

As a third party, we also have an extra advantage that perhaps those truly on the inside do not have. We have the 3rd party perspective.  It can be a powerful position and can help us to help you identify some really new ideas.

To find out more about our thought leadership content writing service or arrange a quote, contact us here with your details and we will be in touch as soon as possible.