Product descriptions are one of the most underused and underappreciated weapons in any online retailer’s arsenal. So few businesses invest in creating good product descriptions because they feel that they have virtually no impact on purchasing decisions. That’s a real shame because unique, creative and well-crafted product descriptions can not only boost your sales big time, they can also help you to surge in search engine rankings.

wordAtelier are expert product description writers and we offer a fantastic value product description writing service to all types of business. We have been writing outstanding product descriptions to online and offline retailers for almost six years and have a pretty good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Why do I need unique product descriptions?

Search engines penalise duplication and they don’t like replication too much either. One of the biggest problems that online retailers face is rising to the top of a saturated market. So many retailers copy their product descriptions from elsewhere, like the manufacturer or from other sites online that have their own descriptions. When Google is crawling your site, it is finding all that duplicated content and pushing you down the SERPs. You may not realise it, but removing plagiarised product descriptions is one of the best SEO tricks you can use to improve your search engine positions.

How do product descriptions boost sales?

Copywriting is all about persuading the reader that you have what they need and they should buy it from you. It is a big mistake to think this doesn’t also apply to product descriptions because it can make such a radical difference to your business once you realise how powerful they can be. Generic product descriptions cover the features of the product, sometimes badly. Really great product descriptions illustrate the benefits. It is the benefits your customers want to buy, so in addition to listing all the of the salient features, you need to demonstrate to your potential customer that your products are just what they are looking for to fulfil a need. Why else would they be on the page in the first place. Once they are there, you need to persuade them to buy.

Why outsource your product description writing to wordAtelier?

Besides being quite a chore to write when you have a business to run, product descriptions can also be boring when you are writing them in volume and have lost your way. They start sounding the same after a while. The same turns of phrase, the same clichés over and over again. WordAtelier have developed a unique approach to product descriptions that makes each one original, informative, interesting and, importantly, highly persuasive. Outsource your products descriptions to wordAtelier and you will gain a significant competitive advantage in a marketplace where differentiation is the only way to be successful.

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